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Frequently Asked Questions:

I did not receive the confirmation for my registration by E-Mail

- Please check if you activated a Spam Filter

I received a message that i got a new E-Mail but don`t find the E-Mail within my account

- In most cases this means that you received a message from a SCAMMER which has been deleted after we recognized that

What is a Scammer?

- A Scammer is a person (or group of persons) who tries to cheat by using most times faked photos within his profile and tries to get in contact with you and after a while send you a request to send her/him money.(using typically faked sad stories like "I Need money for an ambulatory surgery" or "Send me money for the flight to you"

What shall i do if a Scammer contacted me?

- Please send us a message by using this form - We`ll check, delete and post them at our Scammer List

I want to cancel / delete my account

- You only need to use the button "cancel account" within your personal area.

I am a new Member and sent an E-Mail to another Member. But she/he didn`t receive the message

- In order to the cheating issue we are checking every new Member and release them manually if everything is allright. If you are not released within 24 hours please get in contact with us by using above mentioned form.

I lost my password. What can i do?

- Please use the link forgot password.

I used the "forgotten password" link but didn`t get a new one

- Please check if you acitvated a Spam Filter at your E-Mail Client.

The photo i added at my profile has been deleted - Why?

- Please note that only real pictures are allowed for the profile picture - No landscapes, no pets nothing else